Install Little Big City For Windows 7/8/8.1

How will it sound to you you need to control things going in the town and when you may become the leading of a town? If it was your own wish since many years afterward it’s going to come true very soon, thanks to the Little Big City Android game.

You’re about to undergo a straightforward guide that will allow you to get Little Big City for PC game download and this game is going to be functioning pretty well on 8 operating system running computers and Windows 7.

The game is developed by Gameloft which is the Leading Developer of the Google Play store and that is a clear sign this game will probably be of top notch quality. It’s possible for you to find it on the Google Play store at no cost under Casual class.

Before starting with that simple guide for the installation, I’m going to share entire options that come with Little Big City PC game with you so that you could come to know what you’re about to experience before actually playing it while playing it.

Little Big City

Little Big City Game Features

Although it’s available for free but it does offer few in-app purchases using which users can buy the application and then characteristics will not be free for them. Following are remainder of the attributes.

As I already said in the beginning of the guide itself that your fantasy of becoming mayor of a city is about to come true. You’re about to play the job of mayor of your city and you’ll be having all the things related to your own city in your hand.

You will be having lots of resources (virtually all of them which are available in your city) and then you must use them to create a beautiful place to live i.e. your city. You need to create building, road, look for safety and peaceful environment and do lots of other things which are required to do by the mayor.

Graphics of the game are of superb quality and so does the sound effects which match perfectly with everything. In a nutshell, game playing experience offered by it really is top notch and you’ll get hooked for sure.

Now I’m sharing the setup tutorial that’ll let you download Little Big City for PC and play this game for free for hours on your computer itself.

Download Little Big City For PC

So you merely can’t straight as it’s an Android game, install it on Windows computer. To be able to try this installation you need to go through below mentioned three simple steps.

  • Download and install BlueStacks software in your computer first.
  • It’s possible for you to get this software at no cost from over here and its installation is trouble free.
  • Start BlueStacks software on your PC then and use its search tool to learn Little Big City Android game.
  • Download once you found it in the search results and install it.

Download Hike Messenger For Windows 7/8 Computer

Hello men, if you want to use exactly the same on your computer and ’re looking for an amazing and almost entire messaging app for your own smartphone afterward I’m sharing one with you here.

The app name is Hike Messenger and you are able to learn here how to download Hike Messenger for PC. The tutorial here will probably be straightforward and will work on Windows 7 and 8 operating systems running computers.

The app is developed by rise small programmer business and its there on the Google Play shop free of charge. It’s a cross platform app which means that it’s accessible for Apple (iOS), Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry devices and even for Nokia S60 and S40 Symbian platform running devices. I’m going to first share characteristics of the messaging app after and here the tutorial.

It’s an official app that’s trustable and got lots of amazing user experience and features. Believe me, you’re going to find it better than WhatsApp if you got some good buddies there.


Attributes of Hike

You are able to go through this part of the tutorial in order to understand what you’re going to experience while using Hike Messenger application.

It’s elegant and a simple looking messaging application using which it is possible to stay connected with all of your friends using precisely the same application on other end. You can send unlimited free text messages, share pictures, videos, place, etc thus to raise user experience.

Your entire messages are private and your privacy is important headache for this. It is possible to send messages to phone number too. By sharing this application with your pals you can earn credit.

There are chat themes available which you can choose as per contacts and the whole user interface is elegant, straightforward and exceptionally magnificent. You’re going to locate all WhatsApp sort features in here.

Download Hike For PC

Now so you’re all place to install it on your computer as you’re not unaware of the features of this messaging app. Then you can utilize it on your own computer if you don’t have any supported smartphone or also you can test this application on your own computer first and later install on your own smartphone.

In order to download Hike Messenger for PC tutorial and install this application on your own computer as mentioned down here you have to go through the three easy steps.

  • First get BlueStacks software prepared on your computer. It’s possible for you to download and install BlueStacks software in your PC easily.It’s an applications that is trusted so no need to worry about it.
  • It’s used by an incredible number of users around the world and our authentic readers.
  • Begin BlueStacks software using its desktop shortcut and after that use its search tool to find Hike Messenger Android application out.

Once you found it in the search results then begin the download and installation procedure by following on screen instructions.

I ‘m pretty sure so I’m expecting that you will share it with your social networking buddies that you’ll like this application.

Guide How to Download World at Arms For Windows

It was the first review I found on the Google Play store of the game and it says it all what quality this game got inside. The game is superb and it deserves all begins from the maximum allowed in its review.

Gameloft developer develops game and it can be found by you under the strategy class at no cost. It’d already got numerous downloads, reviews and ratings which undoubtedly means how better it is and the reason is currently clear why you should play with it.

I’m going to start this guide by sharing my own review of the game so that you can understand not or whether you should try it out. After I’ll share the installation tutorial that is quite simple to follow and nearly free.

World at Arms game features

Now I’m so that you can know what you’re about to experience while playing this awesome strategy and war based Android game beginning with the characteristics of the game.

It’s a free war simulation game with brilliant graphics and you are definitely going to enjoy it (I’m fairly certain). It got superb HD quality of images functionality and each animation has got perfectly matching sound effect which further raises the game playing experience.

You need to build a new unit that is updated to strength and its best ability after which use it to beat over other teams. There are many teams going around the world for battle against you and you have to defeat them all.

You are able to track automatically and the conflict via a 3D map which is updated often. I trust you got the glance of the game so prepare to play with it. I’m not opening all the surprises with you here.

World at Arms

World at Arms

I hope you’re prepared to play with this game so you have to follow below mentioned three easy steps in order to start World at Arms for PC download process.

  • You have to first get BlueStacks software ready on your computer.
  • Its installation is straightforward and trouble free.
  • Begin BlueStacks software after it’s then using its search tool and installed there, find out World at Arms Android game.
  • Download once you located it in the search results and install the game.

If you discover problem during installation of BlueStacks then you must retry with the installation after upgrading the graphics driver version of your computer.

I trust you enjoy playing with this game as its addictive and worth attempting at any end. So there’s no reason for not attempting it for once it’s accessible for free. I hope you share this guide with your friends over social network.

Download Contract Killer For PC Guide

The game I’m sharing down here, hey men is the one which you are able to play together on an individual server of your actual buddies with maximum 8.

That is the important feature of it and game name is Contract Killer which will be available on the Google Play store in spite of having this superb feature free of charge.

This guide will provide a tutorial to you using which you’ll manage to get Contract Killer for PC game download and this tutorial will work as it is on Windows 7 and 8 operating system versions at no cost.

I’m going to begin the guide by first sharing characteristics of the game and later I’ll share the guide. This really is how you’ll know firstly about the game and after that you are able to decide whether to try it out or not.

Contract Killer

Contract Killer game characteristics

Now I’m sharing attributes of this game with you using which you are able to get a glimpse of the game before actually playing it on your own computer.

It got High Definition quality of graphics and each cartoon is designed. Sound effects make this game a top notch and fit flawlessly with everything going in the background which is another prime feature that increases game playing expertise.

Distinct characters can be found by users with weapons and different look. Select any of them and begin fighting with others. I’m confident you’re going to find its game play fully worth.

I hope you’re ready to try out this game once you start playing with it then and believe me, you are bound to share this guide with your societal and real friends so that they can also understand about it and try it outside.

Now I’m sharing three easy steps that you simply need certainly to follow to get this Contract Killer for PC game download.

You have to first get BlueStacks applications prepared on your own computer. You then start its setup process and can get it downloaded from its official site here.

This software is genuine and installation is simple and trusted by millions of users around the world.

Contract Killer For PC

Begin BlueStacks applications via its background shortcut once it use its search tool to discover Contract Killer and after that ’s prepared Android game.

  • Now download and install the game once you located it in the search results interior of BlueStacks.
  • This is all needs to be done to do the installation and I’m pretty sure that you did in following these three n’t found any problem,.

But if you found error during BlueStacks installation you then need certainly to retry with that but after updating the graphics driver version of your computer.

Download Virtual Villagers For PC

You must have watched Virtual Villagers movie and I’m pretty sure you’d enjoyed it. How about playing its official game now? The game can also be available for free and can be downloaded on any compatible Android device in the Google Play shop.

It’s developed by Gameloft programmer and you’ll be able to find it under Casual class over there. Precisely the same official game is also there for the iOS devices on the iTunes app store which certainly means that the game is of top notch quality.

You’re going to find tutorial for it after as first I’ll share complete features of it so you can understand what you’re about to experience while playing this popular game that is superb.

Virtual Villagers

Virtual Villagers Characteristics

Before actually playing it so you can understand about it so I’m sharing now the attributes of this game application.

First and the greatest feature in here is its top notch quality of images performance. Sound effects fit exactly with every cartoon and the whole scenario the movie itself.

You should create your own identifying hamlet using resources and the sea animals available to you personally. Virtually infinite numbers of resources are there and you need certainly to see them through the eyes of a beautiful buildings.

Just then you will end up able to create a beautiful world under the sea. You’ll once you’re capable to create a brand-new world to experience move up in levels.

You start playing with them jointly or from Facebook straight and can encourage your friends using the game server. It’s possible for you to visit your buddy’s hamlets and can share gifts and enjoys with each other. This unique attribute raises game playing experience additionally.

Virtual Villagers Download For PC

Now I’m positive you’re prepared to do so you need to first install the Android variant game application on your own computer and to play this. So that you can do so you need to follow below mentioned three simple measures.

  • This can be a genuine software which recommended and is used by millions of users all over the world.
  • Begin the BlueStacks software now and then using its search tool, find out Virtual Villagers Android game.
  • You’ll find it over Google Play shop at no cost.
  • Once you found it in the search results start the game installment.
  • Once game is downloaded entirely then it will be installed automatically.

Once game is prepared you then can launch it from My Apps section of BlueStacks. I expect you found this guide also going to share this Virtual Villagers for PC Download tutorial with your real buddies that are societal and easy enough.

SnapTube for PC Download Windows 7/8.1/10 (Video Downloader)

Hello friends, are you looking for some app which will allow you to download and watch videos from The Internet without paying any money? Then you are at the right place so that you must know SnapTube for PC Download Windows 7/8.1/10 (Video Downloader). Here one will find a simple way to download videos from Internet in this post.

There are several apps available which allow a user to download videos from the internet but today I am going to show you one of the best app for this. It’s name is Snaptube.

SnapTube APK is a simple app with simple user interface allows a user to download videos from internet in different quality and also provide many features too. The user can use it on Windows 7/8/8.1 PC.

Now let’s see how to download it on Windows 7/8/8.1 PC . If any Android app is not available on Google Play store and if a user wants to use it or access it then one has to download it’s APK file from third party i.e. some other website or it’s official website.

Snaptube for PC

SnapTube belongs to this type of apps which are not available on Google Play store.

If user wants to use an Android app or a third party app on Windows PC then he/she must have take help of Android Emulator. By using it the user can easily use any Android app on Laptop or PC.

SnapTube for PC Download Guide:

There are so many Android Emulator available like Bluestacks, Andy, Nox app player and many others. User can use any of them and all are easily available on Internet.

To run these types of files or app user has to do some changes in Android Emulator. Don’t worry this changes will not harm your PC.

I will show you how to do this. Please follow below steps to download SnapTube APK. But as I said earlier that one has to do some changes into settings of Android Emulator. Please follow below steps.

  1. Open settings from your device and click on security.
  2. Then go to application settings.
  3. Allow unknown resources.

After doing this user will be able to install APK file and also avoid some errors in future. There are following steps to download SnapTube APK.

  1. Now go to the official website or following link and download SnapTube.
  2. Open BlueStacks
  3. .Open that APK file with BlueStacks.
  4. Install it on BlueStacks.After the installation had finished.
  5. User will see a message “Installation finished.”

The user is free to access and run the app one can see home screen and download videos from an app on Windows 7/8.1/10 PC. If the user doesn’t want to download and Install any Android Emulator like BlueStacks, Andy or any other, then one can do it online by using Manymo online Android Emulator.

SnapTube Video Downloader

SnapTube Video Downloader for PC:

Manymo is Android Emulator which works online.  Lets have some knowledge about Manymo and how to use it. Mnaymo is online platform and Android Emulator which helps Android APK to run on Windows PC.

Users who do not have smartphone or tablet then the Manymo allows them to use it from PC or Laptop. The user has no need to download it one just need the Internet connection for that.

The user has to download the official APK file of SnapTube from the Internet and save it on Laptop or PC. Many moi has a very easy user interface so user can easily use it ans user can set one’s screen resolution according to size of Laptop or PC. It is also one advantage of Mnaymo which is not possible in BlueStacks or in Andy.

The user need to do some simple steps to download SnapTube on Windows 7/8.1/10 PC.

  1. Go to and sign up for the first time.
  2. Select the free trial version and not paid version if the user is not aware of the features and working of it.
  3. Now log in to the Manymo.
  4. Click on the browse button and select the SnapTube’s APK file.

Now I hope you have successfully downloaded SnapTube on PC. So before ending this article let me give some introduction about SnapTube’s Features. There are so many features in SnapTube APK, which make it worth downloading.

It has simple user interface availability of millions of videos, add free and many more. SnapTube allows the user to enjoy music and videos without any interruption and advertisement. It also helps one to download and search video according to name and user’s choice.

SnapTube is also going to add some more features in updated version. It will allow one to download audio or music in a different version in other words in high quality. It will provide better, clear, loud experience of music and only on SnapTube. I have shown some main features of it.

  1. Easily available on free of cost.
  2. Ad free app.
  3. Download audio mp3 file.
  4. Download in different categories and quality.
  5. Search and Explore according to user’s choice.

That’s it for SnapTube APK download on Windows 7/8.1/10 PC. I will be back with some more apps. I hope you have downloaded it and liked this post.

If you have any quires or question regarding this app or face any difficulty in use of this app then feel free to share it with me in comment box. I will try my best to solve it as soon as possible. If you feel this post very useful, then share it with your friends and keep visiting (website name).

Download Nimbuzz For PC or Windows

Nimbuzz Messenger had been there since many years for us before the WhatsApp or every other popular messaging app. As it was there for mobile phones while Skype wasn’t it was used to be a powerful challenger for Skype.

Most of the apps that are messaging are unavailable for PC ones which creates little difficulty for users as it’s available officially for PC platform but this isn’t the situation with Nimbuzz,.

You can readily download Nimbuzz for even and Windows for Mac platform which is an unbelievable attribute and overall user experience raises .


Features of Nimbuzz

The orange coloured application will shortly be there but before that let’s start understanding what’re the features it offer to the users.

First and the most common attribute is that it’s going to cause you to send unlimited and free number of text messages to any individual who’s using this application on any of his or her device. Free High Definition voice calls will also be supported which may be done with all of your Nimbuzz friends/contacts.

Group chat attribute can also be supported which is a fantastic attribute if you’ve got some actual good friends who are always free to make your boring time to pass to experience.

Different chat rooms are also made available from the Nimbuzz where you are able to join in and can find new friends and contacts to start chatting and have friendship with.

Graphic and video sharing features are also supported and if you want to call someone’s phone number then you definitely can perform that as well using the Nimbuzz credit (which you must purchase though).

Nimbuzz For PC

It got a simple and tasteful orange coloured user interface which is refined and also helps in making users addicted.

As a way to get Nimbuzz for PC and get it installed you don’t must go along a drawn-out process. This app is officially available for PC platforms and this really is the reason why you’re able to do the installation with one easy step.

You need to download it from its official website after which follow the installation process that is not complex and in addition free.

It’s possible for you to get Nimbuzz for PC (Windows) from this official connection and you’re not going to find any issue with the downloading procedure.

After this PC or applications client is downloaded then you certainly can start the setup. Installment process is simple and just like some other Windows applications that is simple.

Once it’s installed then you can launch any time to it using its desktop shortcut and I hope you won’t find any problem with its launching. This was all you have to do to get Nimbuzz for PC (Windows 7/8) and I hope you locate your buddies using it.

How to Download MeetMe For Computer

Hello pals, MeetMe is another messaging app which is emerging for a good cause in the digital market. People want to remain connected to all their friends these days through their mobile phones and this can be the reason why they’re searching for messaging programs.

Today many new messaging applications are there but the one I’m sharing here deserves to be the finest among them. You’re going to find a guide here on MeetMe for PC download and also this tutorial will work on Windows 7 and 8 operating system variants easily.

The tutorial here will be easy and you’ll have the ability to do the setup easily within few minutes. Here I’m starting now.


Characteristics of MeetMe app

To be able to learn more about it you should go through part that is following. Although it’s a simple app with simple aim to allow you to find new friends and people to meet.

It scans for folks near your present location and let you all start talking to each other and to have friendship. So that one can meet at a location that is new and have fun.

You’re going to find numerous users using it in your state and at least hundreds of users near in your current place. It doesn’t share other advice and where you are if you don’t permit it.

It got a simple and elegant user interface in learning immediately to use all the top features of it to further help you out, and I’m positive you’re going to start chatting and meeting new friends using this application that was amazing.

MeetMe For PC

So now you’re conscious that this isn’t as messaging app that is usual and you’re now prepared to begin using it on your computer to get a glimpse of that.

In case if you locate malfunction during this setup then you definitely must retry with that after upgrading the graphics drivers of your PC to their latest version first. Here are the three easy measures to be followed.

  • First get BlueStacks software prepared on your computer.
  • You start its installation and can download it free of charge from here.
  • It’s a genuine software trusted by countless users around the globe and its installation is also simple.
  • Begin BlueStacks software then use its search tool to find MeetMe Android application out and using its desktop shortcut.
  • Once the application was found by you in the search results afterward start its downloading by following on screen instructions.

That is all you must do to get MeetMe for PC download and I’m confident that you’re going to adore it. I trust which you found the guide easy and straightforward to follow and also like using this app.

So there’s no chance that you’re not going to share it with your social network friends. Enable them to know about it.

The S-CRIB Scrambler, and how long-term solutions aren’t immediate

The S-CRIB Scrambler was, as far as I can tell, released in January 2014. On March 7th, a solution combining two of these devices, connected to a Raspberry PI, was described in a post made to the Light Blue Touchpaper.

In short, this is a system which aims to «“scramble” user passwords». It’s meant to be attached to servers that verify user credentials, and replaces techniques such as storing plain text, encrypted, hashed, HMACed or bcrypt-ed passwords in a database.

The problem they want to solve is that of hackers who break into a system, dump the password database and manage to recover some or all of the passwords. The last year alone, hundreds of millions of credentials have been stolen and leaked online, and a significant amount of those have been recovered by hackers / researchers. In light of this, the case of the poor password storage is a problem worth solving.

So it’s not that their effort isn’t a noble one – it really is. There’s just that:

  1. Solving the problem sufficiently does, for the most, not require any special hardware.
  2. People are bound to believe that this solves problems that it really doesn’t affect at all.


Why not bcrypt?

The team behind the S-CRIB has published a reasoning for «why not to use bcrypt»:

BCrypt is a special cryptographic algorithm (a key derivation function) that is on purpose very slow. [..] We don’t like this blunt approach as it assumes known ratio between computational power of “business system” and attackers.

In essence they are arguing that many cloud servers are slow, and that common bcrypt configurations therefore require relatively cautious settings to provide decent performance. Bruteforcing passwords with the same bcrypt config, on a cluster of very powerful computers, will inevitably burn through more passwords per second.

In other words, they seem to be fine with bcrypt in itself, but are worried that running bcrypt on slow servers will promote more or less insecure configurations.

And to solve this, they suggest replacing bcrypt entirely, with specialised hardware setup for key derivation. In the post above, that specialised setup is a combination of (clustered) Raspberry PIs and hardware dongles.

I’m not immediately fond of the idea of replacing a time tested algorithm (bcrypt) with layers and layers of relatively untested hardware and software. That goes for the hardware dongle itself, the Raspberry PI and the software running on the PI.

While somewhat unfair towards a product that’s still in the testing phase, I want to pull out this example from the S-CRIB web service code.

def scramble(apikey = '', password = '', saltlength = '', salt = None):  
    command = "SCRAMBLE"
        checkRemote(command, request.remote_addr)
        password = password.strip()
        saltlength = saltlength.strip()
        int(saltlength, 10)
        saltlength = '%02d' % int(saltlength, 10)
        apikey = apikey.strip()
    except ValueError,e:
        text = "%s"%e
        return text[:6]
    if salt is None:
        received = forwardRequest(command + " " + apikey + " " + password + " " + saltlength + "\n")    
        received = forwardRequest(command + " " + apikey + " " + password + " " + saltlength + " " + salt + "\n")    
    return received

Client applications will call the above web service with a user supplied password, along with an optional salt. The dongle will process the input, and return an encrypted value to the client. This value is what the client application will check against its database.

Do you happen to notice how the password and salt is passed on to the dongle? And can you imagine what will happen if you try to use a password which contains a forward slash, space, tab or various other more or less special characters? It’ll break.

These are simple problems to fix, but also terribly simple problems to avoid in the first place. When reviewing software like this, alpha, beta or whatever you’d brand it, I’d expect to see tests for this sort of thing. Preferably also something with fuzzed input, to see how the entire stack handles both weird data and high load. I’ve found no such thing in the S-CRIB repository.

Stick with what’s available, for now

I’m not saying that the’s no future for the S-CRIB Scrambler, nor that it isn’t a solution to the problems presented initially. I’m sure it can be.

What I am saying is that while it isn’t by any means an immediate solution, immediate solutions do exist:

  • To solve the problem of plaintext or weakly hashed passwords, use bcrypt or scrypt.
  • To reduce the risk posed by weak configurations on slow servers, use dedicated, faster, servers to do process passwords.

For the absolute majority, this will be more than enough. And certainly much better than using RC4 as Adobe once did for millions of their passwords! Everyone else should consider lending a hand to improving the S-CRIB Scrambler (and other solutions).

A final note on what this isn’t

A short while after the scrambler gained international attention, I noticed articles popping up on how this solves the issue of complicated passwords and passphrases.

Simply put, it doesn’t.

The S-CRIB Scrambler, as with any other decent server-side password storage facilitation mechanism, only ensures that passwords are stored with reasonable security. It’s still not ok to use four-letter passwords. And it’s certainly not ok to use the same password on all services.

If client side password security, or even remembering passwords, is a concern, use password managers such as LastPass or 1Password.

How NOT to provide binary checksums

This one really should be filed under “well, duh“.

If you’re hosting content that can be misused, abused or exploited in any way, you really need to be using HTTPS. There’s no excuse. None.

And if you happen to host binary downloads of any kind, you’re sure doing many of us a favor if you (a) do this via HTTPS as well, and (b) provide checksums for said binaries.

It’s not only that I distrust various governments’ wish and ability to tamper with what flows through the ether. People also tend to download things while on untrusted networks. And who knows who might have infected te router there with some newfound malware. And even if the router is fine, then what about the printer? And the guy in the corner running arpspoof?


Let’s just stick to HTTPS. I’m sure we all agree that’s better.

Don’t we, Oracle?

Or do we?

All VirtualBox downloads are linked through*.

Fine, I’ll try downloading from


Err.. Ok, no HTTPS.

So where do these links take us anyways?


Oh, ok. So what about


Right. Invalid certificate chain.

Fine. I’ll just download it over HTTP, then verify the checksum afterwards.




Great. So while does have an HTTPS endpoint, its certificate chain is invalid.

There’s no point in exposing checksums when they are hosted on the same server as the binaries. And even less so when that server neither adverts HTTPS support, nor has a valid SSL certificate.

I give up.